Sunday, 28 September 2008

Trigger happy

These are based around a scene from 'The Matrix', where Trinity takes out an agent from point blank on the heli pad as Neo and her go to rescue Morpheus. A bit obscure i know but its just one of the many part of the movie that sticks in my mind. Both pieces are the same apart from the extra erosion and bullets added to one. Both feature the phrase that trinity utters as she dispatches the agent.

p.s GUNS ARE NOT COOL!, they just make good graphic design.


Just arrived, a set of custom dog-tags all the way from Sweden. Had all my logos plus the phrase that sums my graphics up in one printed on three aluminum tags. The forth is a more personal tag.
Im extremely pleased with the level of quality that these tags have. A big thanks to 'Fat Statement' for producing them for me.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Graphic Design - Art of Rage

During August i spent a little bit of my time at the Reading Music Festival. There i saw one of my  favorite bands, Rage Against The Machine. They were truly incredible, so good in-fact i wanted something Rage based to keep as a memento. Unfortunately i didn't have the cash. So i decided to make something from scratch. Here are my commemorative Rage Against The Machine shirts front and back customized with the wearers wristband number. If they were there. Im very pleased with there outcome.